Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i'm watcing..

what i'm watching..

verbal. it's tonight's word.

completely verbal tonight. urbn rox my face, with everything being so organized and everyone being a team player and the customers actually being urban. how about that? so, it was work, there were shoplifters and people walking in after closing, but it was awesome being on my bleeding feet again and working with people instead of a tool. this time i'm the tool, and that's just fine. read ahead to hear about my school day. and as some of you know, my transformers lunch box accompanied me. it was robo-rific..

one of you has heard the following story already, sorry for repeating myself. :)

um, my first day was weird, because i had a 3 hour lunch break, so i went home, changed and made lunch. and on the way back to school, the el was running on the wrong side of the track, so i missed the first departing one because i didn't realize it was going INTO the city, not coming from, and almost missed the second one because i was expecting it to be on the wrong side, and it came from the city, changed it's sign to "o'hare" and without any announcement, opened its doors for
departing commuters. i was like, great, this is going to be a challenge. THEN this guy starts talking to me, not really threatening because he's my age and totally emo, but is like, "you seem to know what you're doing, so i'm just going to follow you," after inquiring about the track mishaps. and i was very close to telling him that you never tell a girl you're going to follow her. and we ended up stalking each other all the way to school, ironically enough, and he asked me if i had a facebook or aim, to which i replied no, not only because it was the truth but because he was a little creepy and like 6'7" so that was weird altogether.

so, i got to my afternoon class on time, or what i thought was my afternoon class, and the prof is like, "bibliography and journalism?" and i'm like, "what? what are you talking about?" and it turns out i was in the wrong class. TOTALLY not my fault! i showed him my printed schedule, which had HIS building and room #, and the class was snickering the whole time. he just looked confused and told me i was in the right room but wrong class. so i went to the computer lab, and checked my schedule again. mind you, my schedule had different room #s this morning at 10 am than last night, so it came as no surprise when i checked at 1 pm and found a different room number next to the class i was looking for. then OMG. i go there and the whole class turns around and the teacher says, "what class are you looking for?" and i'm like "italian" and she explains that her class stole the room just for this week or something. so i had to head to the lib ed office, ask for someone who wasn't there, and then find out that they supposedly called me to tell me my room got switched. i told them i received no voicemail, and they recited MY PARENTS' phone number. i acted like i had never heard that number before, because that was kind of embarrassing. so i find out my class is in the building i'm already in, just 4 floors beneath me. so i head there, and the teacher is not mad because columbia fucked everyone like this, so there were a lot of stragglers. but she was pissed that no one had the book. however, there was no online syllabus for any of us to check out what books we needed anyway. and i'm not going to pay $125 for a book, though everyone else i know does, because i'm not petarded (reference? pat would know). so i'm prob going to be at the library reading my text books till mine arrive at my apt.

for reading this whole story, long and dogged as it was, here's a reward..

Monday, September 3, 2007

under the influence..

could i ever be this good? is this my new interest? why don't i know how to do this beautifully yet? check out the following, which do not belong to me:

Sunday, September 2, 2007