Saturday, August 18, 2007

ok go.

rock on gen x. rock on.

showing you what makes me


finding people who do what i do

though i have to hate his subject matter, his technique, both in photographing and web design (probably paid a professional) are astounding.

click away and explore it. it's ok to revere it. my polar opposite and possible nemesis.

and also a classmate of mine, who's good at what he does. it's ok to like him as well.


could i be any happier? the answer is yes, but it's a joy i haven't known yet.

went to niagara falls over my birthday (look it up) and put together an album of 'best fucking trip of my life.' also got my 120 film developed and everything came out beautifully. will upload 4x4 pics soon. --beach, driving, smiling, blue water, and tattoo.

yesterday, i cooked honey mustard chicken with roasted potatoes, and benn (my love) loved it. wish i had a picture of that, but we devoured it over candlelight.